Design, approval, implementation planning and construction management of residential and industrial buildings of any kind. 

Building design for new buildings and renovations for effective energy use through a well-insulated building envelope and optimised shading systems.

Passivhaus and zero-energy houses

Integration into national or international planning teams for residential, industrial and public building construction.

Supporting foreign promoters in adapting their projects to local standards and national guidelines of Spanish building legislation.

Specialist translations for the construction sector in over 8 languages

Building simulations and energy certificates. In the early design stage, the influence of the geometry and orientation of the opaque and transparent surfaces of the building envelope on its energy efficiency is simulated.

Spain targets 74% of energy to be renewable by 2030. We provide engineering services of building-integrated solar systems and greenfield solar power plants

How much does my building project cost in the South of Spain?
How do I calculate the energy yield of my PV system?
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