Arquitecture and sun

Show Flat

A red corrugated aluminium box rises above the green of the lemon trees. A long pier with light pine strips connects the model house to the street. The show flat represents a flat with a roof terrace. It will be a flat within a block of 12 flats. Thus the model flat lacks its future environment. There is no communal staircase, nor are there partitions separating the flats, nor are there any neighbouring flats with their entrances. I put myself in the shoes of a surgeon...


Location: Partial Plan ZU-SP-GT15 "Tres Molinos Sur", Gea y Truyols, Murcia
Customer: Meditarraneo Hispa Group SA
Architect: Oliver König
Collaborators: Daniel Ruiz Zurita
Structure: Jose Cerezo Valverde
Quantity surveyor: Chete Chatón
Construction: Meditarraneo Hispa Group SA
Photographs: Oliver Hadfield
Date: 2005
Surface area: 85 m2